SAS-L LISTSERV at the University of Georgia LOGO SAS-L discussion group provides help, lively discussions, insights and all manner of incidentals, to the SAS user community.

SAS-L is a high volume, user-run Internet mail discussion list (LISTSERV) devoted to issues relating to SAS software products. The COMP.SOFT-SYS.SAS Usenet news group mirrors the SAS-L mail list. You can use SAS-L and COMP.SOFT-SYS.SAS to exchange information (and opinions) about SAS software, or to post questions about SAS software and get responses from SAS users around the world. To subscribe to the SAS-L mail list, send a message with the following line to


To subscribe, send mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU with the message/command (paste it!):

SUBSCRIBE SAS-L <your name>

Notice the “Subject:” line is left blank. The list server ignores the “Subject:” header; you may put anything you wish here, or nothing. The effect is the same. Also note that no email address is included in the “subscribe” message.

For more information, you can:
Contact the list owner at SAS-L-request@LISTSERV.UGA.EDU or (Joe Kelley)

You can also visit the SAS-L website sponsored by University of Georgia to manage your SAS-L subscription. The Web location is

View SAS-L ( via Google Groups (Web-based Newsgroups reader).